I became an artist because I was obsessed in different styles of different paintings. I wanted to become an artist for so long and I was very fortunate to have met several artists that shared their wealth of expertise in painting. I started painting in Bahrain, UAE under the tutelage of Gelo Espiritu a very accomplished Filipino sculptor and artist from the Philippines...also with Sonia dela Torre
another skilled oil plein air artist who first introduced me to Plein Air painting and still life painting. She was also a great watercolorist.

I moved to London in 1987 and started joining a few summer art classes at Chelsea School of Art in London for figure painting and drawing and St. Martins School of Art exploring conceptual art and modern expressions and impressions. 

I arrived in Miami in 2008 with my family and I started Plein air by myself and later established a little group named Painters Club of Miami but unfortunately most members have moved away and so I decided to join the West Palm Beach group of Plein air artists and here I managed to push myself harder than ever.

My ultimate goal is to join Eric Rhoads invitational and watch how the masters of Plein air do it on site.
THE MANSION AT OLD FLORESTA...while painting this house, it felt so ancient that i made it even more  older and transported me to another space in time...

THE RIGHT PAINTING IS PLEIN AIR WITH SHAWN... he was so visible in front of me that I could not help putting him on the painting.